Soft and luxurious with a silk-like look. Bringing together high-quality carpet with the silk-like beauty and incredible softness of innovative IMPREL® fibres, Satino® carpets deliver exquisite comfort and a cosy feel perfect for today's luxurious and style savvy homes.

Exceptionally soft to the touch

With an unique softness that invites and tempts in equal measure, a Satino® carpet is unmistakable a true statement in refined and sophisticated living that gives soothing comfort underfoot for an experience like no other.

Silk-like shimmer

With a clarity of colour simply not bettered, Satino® brings beautiful carpet in a spectrum of on-trend and timeless hues that delight through their richness and vibrancy in equal measure. Charming with a subtle and elegant sheen that sees colours constantly shifting as daylight turns to night, luxurious Satino® carpets provide a sense of unparalleled richness and depth to the floor.

Finest construction

Made from high-quality IMPREL® Finesse yarn that’s finer than nature’s most luxurious offerings, Satino® carpets are so soft it feels like walking on air. Each Finesse filament is 20% finer than the diameter of a single human hair and each Satino® fibre strand possesses many more filaments than conventional polyamide yarn. Its durable structure is highly transparent and reflects light to give a delightful silk-like sheen.

Excellent wear performance

Satino® carpet made from IMPREL® Finesse yarn provides excellent wear performance through state-of-the-art fibre technology. All products are rated suitable for classes 23 / 31 contract use and can be used on stairs with complete confidence.

Best resilience

With innovative high-torsion heat set, IMPREL® Finesse yarns also enjoy extraordinary resilience. A Satino® carpet yarn bounces back and will stay looking good for years to come.

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